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Contents                                             Editorial

          1    Editorial                                                            On behalf of the editorial team, I
                                                                                    would like to extend a warm wel-
          2    Minerva at a Glance
                                                                                    come to the Q4 2021 edition of Min-
          4    News Hour                                                            erva in Focus, which I trust our col-
                                                                                    leagues and business partners will
               SAFETY & SECURITY
                                                                                    find interesting and informative.
          6      Safety Digest: What bulk carrier?                                  We are glad to see that our quarter-
                                                                                    ly magazine is well-received both
          8      Case study: Lone watchkeeping grounding at night
                                                                                    internally and within the wider
               FEATURE                                                              maritime industry. Minerva in Focus
               DIGITALIZATION IN SHIPPING: CHALLENGES        offers an insight into our onboard and shore-side activities and our
               AND OPPORTUNITIES
                                                             company’s projects and initiatives and follows new developments in
         11      Human resources and new competencies are needed to   shipping. At the same time, it provides a forum for our employees
                 enable digitalization without losing required engineering   and business partners to share their ideas and insights. Our mag-
                 competencies and seamanship
                                                             azine is distributed electronically and in hard copy to all our fleet
         12      New digital technologies are enhancing Minerva Gas   vessels and offices and is made available to our business partners.
                 vessels’ safety and performance             In our previous issue, we focused on the decarbonization of shipping
                                                             which is the greatest challenge currently faced by our industry. In this
         14      Can global shipping really rise to the challenge of rapid
                 digitalization?                             issue, we turn the spotlight on another significant challenge and, at
                                                             the same time, great opportunity, which is shipping’s digitalization.
         16      Achieving sustainable ship operations through digital
                 technologies                                We could say that these two challenges are to some extent in-
                                                             terconnected as decarbonization, in addition to the adoption of
         18      Digital twins and their potential applications in shipping  new fuels and technology, requires effective monitoring and op-
                                                             timization of ship operations. In this sense, digitalization comes
         20      Digitalization and Decarbonization: Do they intersect?
                                                             into play because it offers many tools to achieve this objective.
         22      Cybersecurity is no longer a matter for the IT specialist  Furthermore, shipping activities today produce more data than ever
                                                             before, and with the advances in satellite communications, we can
         24      AI, IoT and Big Data will change established practices in
                 the shipping industry                       obtain real-time data from vessel systems. This new reality enables
                                                             the maritime industry to adopt a more modern approach to data
         26      A systematic approach is the key to creating a ship   collection, integration, standardization, and analytics, opening
                 security program
                                                             the  door  to  increased  efficiencies  in  our  day-to-day  operations.
         28      Why a simple antivirus on the Master’s PC is not enough   Finally, the pandemic’s challenges have forced our industry to em-
                 anymore                                     brace digital tools more quickly, as we need to continue our opera-
                                                             tions with the minimum disruption possible. In this respect, digitali-
         30      Digitalization will drive our industry’s decarbonisation
                                                             zation has assisted us in monitoring assets and operations remotely
         32      This issue’s key Question: How will digital technologies   now that being physically present onboard is occasionally restricted.
                 change the seafarer’s role?
                                                             At Minerva, we have embarked on the digital transformation journey
               CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION                     using several digital tools to optimize operational performance and
                                                             enhance the reliability and safety of our fleet, including monitoring
         34      Minerva Marine began the journey towards decarbonization
                                                             the condition of equipment/machinery and carrying out remotely as-
               HEALTH & WELL BEING                           sisted troubleshooting/maintenance. However, as digital technology
                                                             evolves and connectivity improves, additional applications like arti-
         36      How to recognize and deal with panic attacks  ficial intelligence, machine learning, and digital twins will find their
                                                             way into shipping. Finally, we should not forget that every technologi-
         37      Stay Fit onboard: Total Body workout
                                                             cal advancement can bring about new hazards and risks. As such, cy-
               OUR MARITIME FAMILY                           bersecurity is an area in which our company is allocating considera-
                                                             ble efforts in order to protect software systems onboard and ashore.
         38      Interview: Seafarers’ skills and training vary and are
                 adapted to the kind of vessel they choose to work on  I am sure that you will enjoy reading our feature on shipping’s dig-
                                                             italization along with the other interesting articles in the Q4 2021
         40      A Thank you Note
                                                             Minerva in Focus. We would be happy to provide more information on
         41      Welcome on Board                            topics in our magazine that are of particular interest to our readers.
                                                             We want to thank all of you, onboard and ashore, for your valuable
                                                             contribution to this edition. We welcome our readers’ feedback, so
         42      The use of digital technologies and emerging training   please email your comments or suggestions to Minerva-in-Focus@
         44      Athina Training Center Q4 Highlights
         46    Q4 Daybook                                      Sokratis Dimakopoulos
                                                               Chief Operating Officer
         46    Brain Exercises
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