Page 15 - 2021 - Q4 - Minerva in Focus
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        Minerva Gas will continue to develop services and explore new
        digital technologies that will enhance the fleet’s safety and

        Wärtsilä Expert Insight

        Wärtsilä Expert Insight uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and advanced diagnostics
        to  help  vessel  owners  improve  asset  efficiency  and  reduce  both  operating  costs  and
        emissions. With the help of a Wärtsilä expert, the service spots and addresses smaller
        problems before they can develop into major issues that result in costly downtime.
        Expert Insight analyses engine data according to a set of rules based on Wärtsilä’s vast
        installed base and uses AI techniques to model engine behavior. Anomalies are identified
        by comparing the predicted value provided by the model to the actual value measured by
        sensors installed in the engine. Rather than measuring a selected parameter and gener-
        ating an alarm when that parameter exceeds set values, Expert Insight predicts the value
        itself, meaning it can recognize a deviation long before an alarm would be triggered and
        flag the issue for attention.
        Expert Insight is available for the 4-stroke Wärtsilä W34DF and the 2-stroke engines WinGD

        Minerva Chios – ME#2 CYL#5 Liner Wall Temperature Elevation

        Minerva Limnos – DG#1 TE511 Temperature Sensor Abnormal Value

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