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DIGITALIZATION IN SHIPPING  New digital technologies are enhancing                                                DIGITALIZATION IN SHIPPING

           Minerva Gas vessels’ safety and performance

           The shipping industry is tran-  Kongsberg Information Management System, K-IMS
           sitioning  to  a  more  digitalized
           and connected way of operating,   The Kongsberg Information Management System (K-IMS) is a suite of specialized appli-
           finding  new  tools  and  technol-  cations built on Kognifai. K-IMS is designed to enable continuous access to data both
           ogies  to  monitor  and  optimize   onboard and onshore through an interactive web-based solution and provide an efficient
           operational  performance  and   information flow. The system unites all data logging and communication into a single,
           the  condition  of  machines  and   secure and maintainable solution. It gives the fleet owner control of the information flow
           provide remote troubleshooting.   and security.
                                         On the Kognifai Marketplace, customers can choose from numerous powerful applications
           Nowadays, there is an increasing   that turn their vessel data into value. This will enable the industry to accelerate perfor-
           challenge: each maker needs their   mance and sustainability efforts and increase profitability through utilizing new technol-
           own data and communication infra-  ogies and innovation. The applications cover a wide range of solutions from maintenance
           structure with most of the services   optimization and equipment monitoring, fuel management, route and voyage planning,
           under development. In addition, the   and market intelligence.
           maximum available bandwidth for
           the vessels did not increase enough   Minerva Gas K-IMS Live Monitoring Dashboards
           (not more than 6Mbps / 1Mbps).
           At the same time, the VSAT is sus-  Minerva Kalymnos
           ceptible to rain fade due to the   Cargo Tanks
           absorption of microwave radio fre-
           quency signals by atmospheric rain,
           causing reduced service reliability.
           The close collaboration between
           owner and maker is necessary to
           address the above issues and fur-
           ther develop the services provided.
           The most promising services, K-IMS
           and Wärtsilä Expert Insight, are cur-
           rently implemented on the Minerva
           Gas Fleet.                    Minerva Chios
                                         Gas Management

                                         Minerva Psara
                                         Gas Management

           by Dimitris Vafeiadis,
           Εlectrical & Electronic Superintendent,
           Minerva Gas
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